The Journey into a Christopher Home
is an Experience Unlike Any Other.

The process of acquiring a Christopher Home is every bit as thoughtful as the art of building it, which is why the company has such a legendary, loyal following among its clients. This may be your first Christopher Home, but for others, it is their third, fourth or fifth home. What brings them back, over and over again? It's a sense of community that extends far beyond the home. As you move through the process, you'll be guided along by specialized teams dedicated to their craft and committed to your happiness and well being. It is a singular experience, a creative journey filled with special events, celebrations, and invitations with a team that makes you feel right at home, like family, and who go above and beyond every step of the way, now and well into the future.

Our Customer Journey guide details this process from start to finish, providing an in-depth look into every step of the homebuying journey, from design personalization to move-in celebrations. We invite you to download the guide and discover how our dedication to craftsmanship, detail, and superior client experience makes the journey to your dream home a remarkable adventure.

Our methodology
Home building process
Custom home design
Amazing attention to detail
Luxury homebuilding
Custom, luxury features
Sophisticated design and taste
Exceptional customer service


The Sales Gallery and the Start of Everything Beautiful

Your experience starts not within the traditional sales office environment with trapped fences and confined spaces, but inside the beautifully furnished model homes where you can relax and feel most like yourself.  Kim and Amy will be there to greet you, walk you around, and make you feel right at home in a community that rises above all else. 

Our Method

"We have wonderful relationships with our buyers and that is extremely important to us"- Director of Sales


Building Your Home and Your Trust

J. Christopher Stuhmer, founder of Christopher Homes, started his career building custom homes which reflects the level of detail and standard of excellence that informs every new home built today by some of the most experienced artisans in the business.  Learn how the home takes shape and the experience you'll enjoy along the way in this short film featuring Eddie Molnar, Senior Project Manager for Christopher Homes. 

Detail Oriented & Quality Guaranteed

"Our buyers love our homes and they love the way we go through the house with them. It's about details and at Christopher Homes, we are very detail oriented" - Senior Project Manager


Meet Your Director of Client Experience 

There are wonderful surprises waiting around every corner as our Director of Client Experience makes it her mission to ensure your home buying experience is both memorable and meaningful.  Your first surprise is a customized Apple ipad to house not only all your important documents, but also allows Christopher Homes to post progress photos of your home under construction for you to stay informed no matter where you are in the world. Your second set of surprises revolves around Christopher Homes's legendary foundation celebrations, often cited by clients as one of the most memorable, joyful, and endearing events ever experienced relative to the process of acquiring a home. 

Resident Testimonials

"They write stories on the slab, they write very personal things that are dear to their heart- it's a way of connecting to the home"- Director of Client Experience  


Your Imagination Runs Wild in the Design Studio

Soon after the purchase of your new Christopher Home, you’ll be invited to the Design Studio, which is an experience like no other – it's like walking through the pages of Architectural Digest Magazine. Your imagination and design senses will soar to places you never thought possible. 

Customized to your needs

"My approach to design is grounded in the belief that every home is as unique as the individual who lives within them, and my role is to provide guidance while allowing the highest level of personal expression to flourish" - Lead Interior Designer


Client Services; Expert TLC for the Home When You Need It.

Client Services is your day to day "Go To" team as you transition into your new home and need any level of assistance.  The Client Services team will walk you through your home in intimate detail, and help you set up thermostats or home electronic systems, or the fireplaces, or make needed repairs, replace a broken tile, change out a light fixture or replace certain items covered by your  warranty policy. Getting to know your new home takes time, but you'll sleep well knowing you have a dedicated team by your side to ensure your home is well cared for- now and well into the future.  

Happy homebuyers

"The first or second time I meet a client, I let them know that I am not only a Christopher Homes employee but I am also an advocate for them as a homeowner" - Client Services Supervisor