Secrets to Making Your Bathroom Feel Like a 5-Star Hotel

There’s something about lounging around in a fancy hotel bathroom that feels gloriously self-indulgent. But why should that feeling of luxury only be experienced when you’re away? Your home should be your sanctuary, and your bathroom the ultimate retreat when it all gets a bit too much. Not only for you and your family but also your guests. To make your downtime that little bit more indulgent, here are five ways to turn your bathroom into a 5 star hotel.

Light It Up
There’s a reason why everyone looks better in hotel bathroom mirrors, and it’s all down to the lighting. Light bathroom mirrors evenly on both sides to limit shadows – floating fixtures add a stylist and unique addition.

Fancy Towels
No hotel bathroom would be complete without the thickest, fluffiest towels to cocoon yourself in post-shower. Invest in a sumptuously soft matching set (Egyptian cotton if you can) and if in doubt, go white.

Max Out On Marble
Think of the most lavish hotel bathroom you’ve ever stayed in, there’s a good chance the room was filled with marble. Marble has the power to take a bathroom aesthetic from average to elegant instantly.

Work With Wood
The luxuries of daily laundering means you’ll be hard stretched to find a hotel bathroom with a dirty bathmat. To clean up your own act, swap your woven or tufted bathmat for a slatted wooden option. The benefits are endless – they wipe clean, dry quickly, feel good underfoot and look seriously stylish.

Stimulate The Senses
To evoke fond memories of that luxury hotel spa experience, focus on sights and scents. Essential oils and candles should match the mood of your color schemes and/or artwork. For that clean and classic hotel finish, potted plants also react well to humid bathrooms with low light.