A Designer’s Advice for Choosing Your Home Artwork


The right piece of art elevates the space around it. It cultivates mood, provokes emotion, and reflects the unique personality and tastes of its owner. Selecting the artwork for your home is a nuanced process – and sometimes an intimidating one. Our expert designers are here to guide you, empowering you to embrace your art selection journey with confidence.

It starts with understanding yourself. What design elements excite you the most? Does your imagination jump to upgraded appliances and tech? Maybe your mind drifts to color schemes and custom backsplashes. If the home’s overall design is your priority, you’ll probably be purchasing artwork as décor. But if you’re dreaming of a home filled with gallery walls, sculptural works, and cultural art pieces, you aren’t shopping for art as décor, but as a passion. 

Art as Décor

Art as décor is about achieving visual harmony, selecting pieces that fit seamlessly into your home's existing aesthetic. Here, the artwork complements the color scheme, style, and textures in a room. The focus is on cohesion, with art enhancing the overall visual narrative of the space.

When choosing art as décor, consider the room's color palette. Complementary colors foster balance, while contrasting hues offer vibrancy. Size and scale matter too—a large painting may suit a spacious room, while an assembly of smaller pieces often fits intimate spaces better. Also, consider the lighting where the art will live. Glass-framed pieces can cause undesirable reflections in sunlight, so a canvas painting or photo print might better fit a sunny spot.

Décor isn't confined to wall art. Sculptures, pottery, rugs, and other three-dimensional art forms can enrich a room with texture and depth. A hand-woven rug can pull together various hues in a room, while a unique sculpture can act as an intriguing conversation piece that enhances the overall décor.

Art as Passion

In contrast, art as passion is about a visceral connection. It's about selecting artwork that resonates with you, a piece that sparks emotion and informs the design of the space. Here, the room is curated around the artwork, which dictates the colors, textures, and other style elements of the room.

When a piece of art truly speaks to you, it will tell you what the room around it needs. A painting that evokes creativity might inspire a small workspace or studio. A compelling sculpture could define the room's textures and lines, creating a minimalist, zen-like space. An heirloom rug with a rich history might lead to a room filled with antique, hand-selected treasures, each piece telling a story.

Striking a Balance

Deciding how to approach the artwork selections for your home depends on your personal relationship with art and your priorities for your new home. If you’re feeling conflicted on how best to begin, know that these aren't mutually exclusive choices. It's possible—and often desirable—to blend the two, integrating art you love into a harmonious design scheme. The key is to stay true to your tastes and vision for your home.

Rather than setting out to find art that inspires you, or avoiding pieces that pull at your heart because they don’t match your paint swatches, you can give yourself the freedom to make discoveries along the way. Who knows what you’ll find? Some rooms might be driven by your overall home’s style, but that doesn’t mean a few statement pieces can’t inspire special spaces throughout. Those unexpected corners might even end up being your favorites.

Whether you're choosing pieces to match within an existing style scheme, or planning to tailor your rooms so they spotlight unique art, your home should be a reflection of you. It should tell your story, showcase your passions, and offer a sanctuary for authentic living. Art, in all its diverse and complex beauty, should transform your home into an extraordinary space that both comforts and inspires.