Happy Holidays! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s officially time to start decorating for the holidays. This year, apply these simple decorating ideas to your Christmas tree, kitchen, dining area and patio to fill your home with Christmas cheer. However extravagant or simple your Christmas decorating might be, these tips are sure to bring holiday cheer to every room in your house!

Christmas Wreaths

Give your Christmas wreath a personalized touch by vertically stretching a round wreath to create an oval shape. Choose a wreath with a flexible base that you can easily bend to the shape you desire. This elongated oval shape is perfect for entryways with double doors, as narrower wreaths are less overpowering when arranged in pairs.

Match Your Decor

Just because large department stores seem to explode in bright reds and greens during the Christmas season does not mean that you have to completely hide your house’s existing décor when decorating for the holidays. Instead, plan your Christmas decorations so that the décor works with, rather than hides, your existing décor. Even if it means using unexpected colors, like silver and gold, a room with well-incorporated decorations looks classy and expensive.  Accents in shades of gold and silver blend seamlessly with most neutral-based rooms.

Christmas Lanterns

Greet guests in style by arranging a grouping of festive candleholders and lanterns at your entryway or living room for quick and easy holiday style. Choose lanterns that you already have lying around your house for a cozy, mismatched look or, purchase matching sets in elegant shades of gold for a more upscale effect.

Vintage Ornaments

Sometimes, the best way to decorate a Christmas tree is with memories collected by your family. There is no need to reinvent and repurchase your Christmas tree decorations every year. Instead, stick with the familiar and beloved ornaments that your family has collected and made over the year. Decorating with a variety of themed ornaments will add a personalized touch. Each unique ornament will tell a story, and your Christmas tree will act as a great conversation piece during holiday gatherings.

Don’t Forget the Staircase

Take advantage of your beautiful banister. Drape festive green winter garland up the handrail of a staircase for a Christmas welcome in your foyer. If you’re up for going a little extra, line the stairs with lanterns for a festive finishing touch.

Holiday Centerpiece

Create a formal and elegant Christmas centerpiece with metallic silver and golden bulbs, surrounded by candles. This will reflect the warm tones of the room in an elegant, prismatic way.

Patios and Decks

Don’t neglect outdoor patios and balconies in your Christmas decorating. Because we live in the desert, our winters are more mild, and we can use our decks all the way through the Christmas season. Decorate your outdoor spaces with white lights, candles, and Christmas toppers to draw guests outside to cozy up by the fire. This understated yet festive outdoor space is perfect for casual gatherings.