Remodeling continues to thrive this year with a lot of focus on the kitchen. This is an area where a lot of time is spent by families and guests alike. Because of the traffic, a kitchen experiences a lot of wear and tear and when the time comes, it is usually one of the first areas homeowners choose to update.

Professional Remodeler magazine surveyed remodelers to find out what’s trending in kitchen updates for this year.  The results included these eight (8) trends:

  1. Open kitchen design.  Watch any home makeover show on TV and everyone is asking for an open flow between the kitchen and other living areas to facilitate conversation, entertaining and “hanging out” with family and friends.
  2. Energy efficient lighting.  LEDs last longer and burn cooler than other bulb types, which make them ideal in the kitchen, where it gets hot from cooking.
  3. Experimenting with countertop materials and colors. Mixing different materials for countertops, like granite in one area and butcher block in another, is on the rise.  Black is also being requested, which makes for a dramatic look when paired with a lighter-colored top for contrast.
  4. Refacing cabinets. To cut costs, clients are asking to refinish their current cabinet doors or remove them completely.  Various colors, including those bold & vibrant are being added as accents. Open shelf or glass-front cabinets are being used to display dishes, pots and pans.
  5. Apron/farmhouse sinks. This is another choice on the rise. These sinks offer traditional, slightly rustic look, and they blend well with the popular clean and simple lines of the more contemporary styles.
  6. Experimenting with appliances and their finishes. While stainless steel is still a favorite, more furniture-like appliances with great design – rounded edges and handles, in various colors are now available from top appliance companies. Appliances with a design element and color blend better with personal style and cabinetry in open-floor homes, where the kitchen can be seen from multiple rooms.
  7. Kitchen islands. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, an island can serve as the focal point. At the same time, it serves as a multi-functional space – it can serve as bookshelves for cookbooks, a food prep area and sink for easy cleanup, seating for informal meals and snacks, homework central for children, or a cooking/serving surface that allows the cook to interact with guests while entertaining.
  8. Floating shelves. Instead of a row of the same cabinets all in a line, floating shelves can make an architectural statement on its own.  They help break up the wall into less-obtrusive space in a simple, yet dramatic way. They are light and airy and can be placed at varying heights and in varying lengths. They lend themselves to brighter and bolder wall colors and a better integration of lighting.
  9. While trends change over the years, we suggest homeowners focus on functionality, based on your family, lifestyle and needs. Consider what works and is comfortable for you and your family.  Kitchen remodeling is a great choice for making a dramatic difference and impactful difference in your home.