Adding your own unique personality and style to your kitchen can be challenging – the elements are all the same: cabinets, refrigerator, range, flooring and countertops so how do you make this space your own. We wanted to share how we worked with one of our recent clients to incorporate their personal style in their kitchen makeover. They wanted to convert their very tradition, Tuscan-style kitchen into something that was more contemporary that reflected their unique tastes.  We love how this kitchen was transformed and although we know it can be difficult remodeling your kitchen – incorporate your personal style and make it yours. Here is how we made it work beautifully:

Unique Layout

We enlarged the kitchen by removing the butler’s pantry and converting it into a walk-in pantry and moving the refrigerator wall back. This opened up the entire kitchen making it feel much larger. We removed all the existing cabinets and fixtures and install all new items.

Mix Textures and Surfaces

The combination of textures from the backsplash to the countertops and flooring give life to your design and depth to the room. Keeping textures and surfaces the same throughout your kitchen can create a monotone look.  When looking at finishes, consider different tile selections, woods and color to help add a personal touch.

A Punch of Color

The cabinets are Karman’s Artisan Inset cabinets with the Brookfield door style in maple wood with a Benjamin Moore paint color. The room is dominated, but not overpowered by the white cabinets. To make the room pop we added gray touches in the backsplash, as well as the beautiful La Cornue range. The color selected for the range is carried out through selected accessories but sparse so as it is not overwhelm the space.

Create a Focal Point that Adds Both Function And Style

We replaced all existing appliances and new stainless steel appliances with the exception of the beautiful La Cornue range. The range is perfectly appointed, center stage, on the back wall to create a focal point. We just love the color – so fun, yet elegant! Our clients could have gone with a more standard selection here, but they really wanted to incorporate color on this enlarged wall. This is a fun and functional way to add color to your kitchen – consider color options for your appliances.