Big companies are starting to invest in ‘smart’ home technology companies. So, what does this mean for the future of home technology and integration? It means remote control and monitoring of home appliances, lights, doors, security, entertainment systems and more is here to stay and we think will become more mainstream over the next few years. We see integration leading to smarter, more efficient and safer homes.

Integration offers many conveniences and can also create vastly new experiences. Today, what were once complex home systems can be integrated – allowing a homeowner to access everything all at once, from one device. Control lights, heating, security systems & cameras, gate access, audio systems and much more. Instead of having a variety of controls, keep it simple, pair it down and utilize the technology within your reach.

With big companies investing in and taking over smart home technology companies, further integration is just around the corner – any labor-saving task will likely have a solution. Today, you can take advantage of your mobile and tablet devices and take your integration to the next level – on the go. Many manufacturers now offer a variety of options including web-based or cloud-based solutions for: home thermostat, security systems, locks, power control for various amenities (pools, hot tubs, entertainment systems), lighting and more. Have you ever left home wondering if you turned something on or off? Worry no longer, as this as well as information when “things” (such as doors, drawers, or even objects) are opened, closed, moved or even change angles. This will not only help you detect an intruder but when kids are home from school or activities. With a variety of tools and alerts, you can monitor when and if kids are home or if a door or window has been opened.

Here are some movers and shakers:

  • We are excited about the new developments in home automation and look forward to working with clients to integrate these into their homes. SmartThings – Rumors that it will be purchased for a reported $200 million by Samsung.
  • Belkin – Offering a variety of products utilizing your current WiFi network
  • Wink – Sold at Home Depot
  • Nest – Purchased by Google earlier this year for $3.2 billion
  • Home Kit, by Apple